Star Trek: A Reminiscence (Flashback Post)

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Star Trek. I grew up watching this. I loved the actors, the costumes, the sets, the props, the music, the stories, and the Enterprise. I went to conventions in New York City in the 70s. I watched the animated series and considered it the remainder of the “five year mission.” Even though it was a little slow-paced, at least we got something. I heard rumors of a new series, but we finally got The Motion Picture instead. I hated that. I hated the change for change’s sake to the situation, the costumes, props, music, and my beloved Enterprise. I hated all the intervening years of the original cast’s lives that we’d lost to dense studio executives. Roddenberry was pushed out of the movies, and made a deliberate 90 degree turn to start his own, new thing, The Next Generation. He burned his bridges and boldly went off on something that I found deadly dull. I wrote a scathing review of the first episode (if you’re nice, I can probably dig it out), and although friends sometimes pestered me into watching this or that, I never grew to like it. The movies got better, but again, they just trashed the careers of the characters that I loved. Oh, and the damned red Mountie jackets! Then we got another team, another version of “Trek,” Deep Space Nine. I literally fell asleep during the first episode, hated the changes, didn’t like the cast and the story absolutely in no way interested me. Again, people tried to get me into it many times, but I continued to hate it. Voyager. OK, I thought the first few shows showed a lot of promise, so I literally stuck it out. Through the entire run. It got less and less interesting, so many opportunities lost. Enterprise, could this be cool? Gave it a shot, stuck with it through the whole run. Again, had promise, and again, lost their way. And Star Trek died. Eventually, the owners decide it’s time to reboot. JJ Abrams, who I would cheerfully run over, completely destroyed my Star Trek. Saw the first movie, finally couldn’t watch past the red haze over my vision. Discovery? Another new team, another re-imagining, oh, and in a brilliant stroke to try and generate more revenue, they try to leverage Trek fans into signing up for a new pay-TV service just to watch it! At this point, I’d die before I’d give them a nickel. I enjoy reading about their troubles with production. And the latest rumors are that they want to branch out, like Disney is doing with Star Wars, and throw a whole lotta pasta against the wall all at once and see what sticks, maybe with Patrick Stewart involved! Well, they’ve lost me for good. The fan episodes you can watch on the net, as laughable as they can sometimes be, show more heart, more love of the Star Trek I know than anything some sad studio has come up with.

3 thoughts on “Star Trek: A Reminiscence (Flashback Post)

  1. I was never a HUGE Trek fan… but I vastly prefer the original series. It’s just the most colorful and imaginative… weirder too… partially, I think, because they didn’t have the weight of fandom that later incarnations had. They had no ‘canon’ to worry about.
    I knew hardcore Trek fans… I went to a convention or two with them… and, to me, like most fandoms I’ve encountered… they just sucked all the fun out of it. They took it all too seriously…

    I think I’m satisfied to watch the original shows and the animated series. That’s what I want out of Trek. They’re a product of their time and that ship has sailed.

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  2. I agree with you that fanatics can spoil just about anything. “Entertainment” is supposed to be about fun. Fanatics have their fun in strange ways that many of us can’t relate to. Remember “Galaxy Quest?” I loved that movie, especially because of the fun it poked at fandom. I literally laughed through most of the movie. After it was over, a woman sitting behind me in the theater thanked me for making it such a fun experience. I was her “laugh track.” Yeah, I’ve got my DVD’s, I really don’t “need” more Trek than that, and I’m not at all compelled to check out what they’re doing anymore.


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